Great things never came from a comfort zone.


Our managers are highly experienced experts who identify themselves with clients and their needs.
Through different perspective they come up with best possible solution. Our main run-on are dedication quality, discipline and client's success.
We are willing to shear our reach experience in this field with you. From the distribution of product to complete marketing strategy.
We are waiting on you so we could take your brand to the top.

Communication Planning

We are agency with focus on communication, competent to design different approach and strategy. We provide creative solutions tailored to different market. Dynamic approach to media planning and buying leads very effective campaigns across all types of media. Strategic planning is based on research of consumer habits and client experience. The results from this type of research, shows that planning makes sense. Relevant and very used tool when you have to reply to the market requirements and on the client request. If your business requires strategic planning, we are here to help and guide you.

Regardless of the great challenges and requirements, we are trying to be one step ahead of time and our expectations.
So we offer you the "magic formula", in order to accomplish your goal and meet the media requirements.
We want to point out that for us there is no “small” campaign. Our offers is optimal lease terms on the media market.
Our goal is to provide you with the best selection of the media and the best possible results.

Media buying

Don’t wait for opportunity, create it.

Media planning

In the triangle of trust between client, agency and media we execute very complex process for your needs with media.
We will provide you the best channel mix for your commercial message.
We believe that a cautiously planning of all types of media is a key to the successful campaign.

Our work is not finished when the advertising message is sent. Analysis of achieved results is the key to further progress of communications with the costumer. Each campaign is monitored on a daily basis.
After ended campaign we provide to our clients a complete analysis of the campaign effects.

Post evaluation

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing as a community of marketing process uses all available digital channels for the promotion of products/services, but also for building the brand.
Its advantages are reflected to a greater ability to track campaign performance and in the price, because it belongs to a cheaper way of promoting.
What are the components of digital marketing?
Digital marketing includes: social networks, mobile internet, content marketing, seo, ppc, website, landing page, e-mail marketing, banner ads for online portals...
Field of digital marketing improves daily, which requires constant innovation and improvement of digital activates.

Creativity as the essential component of any marketing activity is made from its two main ingredients - innovation and purposefulness (value).
When the idea is creative? Well if it’s new, original, good and usable. So our creative team will enable you a required and necessary innovation, value and success for your brand, product, service, idea…

Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.

– Albert Einstein


Creativity and Design

Don’t stop until you’re proud.