Who we are?

Markat media was established in 2010 with the idea to offer you more, better and different. We are a marketing agency with a different approach, rocking solid for nine years. One of the reason why we love our job so much is desire and opportunity to create something great. The diversity of clients and brands we work with, gives us a strength to look forward and grow. We respect your wishes and fulfill your deadlines.
Favorite moto: „For the right idea there is no small budget.‟ Our hardworking and creative team will make your days happy and worth a smile.



Planning and Markat Media

Media plan as an important
part of business

Talking about marketing and planning it is impossible to separate them. Because they cannot exist one without the other. Together everywhere, hand in hand. Before we become too serious and businesslike, it is important to note that for both of these segments a creativity is a necessary thing. That playful and cheerful creativity allows us to push the boundaries every single day.

Planning is an indispensable part of every business process. With us planning has a playful, yet serious and dedicated note. In addition to standard and every day planning we use another form of planning… You guessed it! Media planning as part of marketing strategy.

Media planning is based on the fact collection of the product, the market in which the product is placed (the target group, the current position of the product and its capabilities) and facts on media accompanying the target group. We pay special attention to media selection, advertising period, costs and advertising campaigns.

Advertising campaign contains three basic elements: research, creativity and media plans.

Research is a system of activities throughout the market. With research we can determine the characteristics of the target group or target market for the product, which is the subject of the campaign. Based on concrete research we create a plan for implementation of the whole campaign.

Creativity relies on the information obtained from the conducted research process. So it could develop an advertising campaign for the product (design/creation message and its visual appearance).

Media plan is made on the basis of the relevant demographic data defined for a particular advertising campaign, which also includes adequate choice of media in line with campaign objectives. The important segments of the media plan are: advertising period (duration from the start until the end), budget (how defined funds will be spent), carrying out (transmission listing and disposition playing the selected media) and the campaign evaluation (post-evaluation). Through our multiple experience in media planning we have perfected how to achieve an ideal balance between the frequencies and range.

Our colleagues media planners are very creative and witty. They will turn the implementation of your campaign into a memorable and effective cooperation. We are here and we are waiting on your inquiry and request so we could achieve your goals and make something worth noting and remembering.

What we do?

We create strategic communication for your brand. Communication with costumer must be plain, effective and different. All our energy is focused on fulfilling your plans and achieving your goals. We achieve ideal strategy for your brand through our various specter of service and activities. Our job isn’t just enabling a good position of the brand on the market, but also the brand's survival with innovative and modern tools of communication. So do not hesitate, take action today and book an appointment with our expert team and ensure your brand rise up to the top.

Our Goal ...

Is innovation, creativity, respect, order, discipline, work, deadline, trend, standard, mission, success and growth. Professional commitment while we take your brand to success.  Working closely together and still following the constant innovation and progress of market. Without abandoning our basic and core principles. It is possible when you let us take your goal to finish line. Feel free to set your goal in our safe hands.